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16th February 2009, 03:25 AM
The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. (Oriental Insurance) was incorporated at Bombay on 12th September 1947. Oriental Insurance was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Company Ltd and was formed to carry out General Insurance business.

Oriental Insurance was a subsidiary of Life Insurance Corporation of India from 1956 to 1973 ( till the General Insurance Business was nationalized in the country). In 2003 all shares of our company held by the General Insurance Corporation of India has been transferred to Central Government of India.

Oriental Insurance with its head Office at New Delhi has 23 Regional Offices and nearly 900 operating Offices in various cities of the country. The Company has overseas operations in Nepal, Kuwait and Dubai. The Company has a total strength of around 16,000 employees.

Contact Information:

Registered Office:
The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.
Oriental House,
A-25/27, Asaf Ali Road,
New Delhi - 110002

Phone: +91-11-23279221 - 25 (10 lines)
Website: http://www.orientalinsurance.nic.in/
E-Mail: [email protected]

Online Links:

About Company: http://www.orientalinsurance.nic.in/CorporateBrochure.htm

Office Locator: http://www.orientalinsurance.nic.in/office_combo.asp

Frequently Asked Questions: http://www.orientalinsurance.nic.in/faq.htm

Products & Services: http://www.orientalinsurance.nic.in/products.asp

16th February 2009, 03:27 AM
Oriental Insurance Policies for Individuals & Family (http://www.orientalinsurance.nic.in/products.asp#aaa)

Awasiya Rin Bima Kavach
Baggage Insurance Policy
Bhagyashree Child Welfare Policy
Burglary and House Breaking Insurance Policy
Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme
Contact Lens Insurance
Cycle Rickshaw Policy
Gun Insurance
Householders Insurance Policy
Insurance Policy for Mobile/Cellular Phone
Insurance Policy for Pager
Pedal Cycle Insurance Policy
Raj Rajeswari Mahila Kalyan Bima Yojana
Suhana Safar Domestic Policy
Swasthya Bima Policy
Sweet Home Insurance Policy
TV VCR VCP Insurance Policy
Oriental Insurance Health Policies (http://www.orientalinsurance.nic.in/products.asp#aaa)

Bhavishya Arogya
Flight Coupon
Gramin Accident Insurance
Group Mediclaim Policy
Individual Mediclaim Policy
Jan Arogya Bima
Janata Personal Accident Policy
Nagrik Suraksha Policy
Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday
Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Study
Personal Accident - Group
Personal Accident - Individual
Personal Accident - School Children
Universal Health Insurance Scheme
Oriental Insurance Policies for Professionals (http://www.orientalinsurance.nic.in/products.asp#aaa)

Banker's Indemnity Insurance Policy
Directors And Officers Liability Policy
Package Policy for Exporters Covered Under Duty Exemption Scheme
Professional Indemnity Errors & Omissions Insurance For Chartered Accountants/Financial Accountants/Management Consultants/ Lawyers/ Advocates/ Solicitors/Counsels
Professional Indemnity Errors & Omissions Insurance Policy for Consulting Engineers/Architects & Interior Decorators
Professional Indemnity Policy For Doctors And Medical Practitioners
Professional Negligence Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy For Medical Establishments
Sports Insurance Policy
Stock Brokers Indemnity Insurance Policy
Oriental Insurance Policies for Business / Office / Traders (http://www.orientalinsurance.nic.in/products.asp#aaa)

Carriers' Liability Policy
Comprehensive Risk Insurance (Exchange) Policy
Contract Guarantee Policy
Couriers' Liability Policy
Default Insurance (Exchange) Policy
Depository and Depository Participants Indemnity Insurance
Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy
Fidelity Guarantee Policy - Floating Group
Fidelity Guarantee Policy - Individual Named
Hire Purchase Bank Guarantee Policy
Indemnity Insurance Policy for Custodians, Registrars and Share Transfer Agents
Money Insurance Policy
Multi Peril Policy For LP Gas Dealers
Neon Sign Policy
Office Umbrella Policy
Plate Glass Insurance Policy
Policy For Jewellers' Block Insurance
Shopkeeper's Insurance Policy
Special Contingency Policy
Stevedore's Liability Policy
Sub Brokers Default Insurance Policy
Third Party (Cinema) Policy
Third Party (Lift) Insurance Policy
Travel Agent Policy (Guarantee)

16th February 2009, 03:29 AM
Oriental Insurance Policies for Engineering / Industry (http://www.orientalinsurance.nic.in/products.asp#aaa)

Advance Loss Of Profit (Following Erection All Risks)
All Risks Insurance
Boiler Explosion Insurance
Civil Engineering Completed Risks Insurance
Consequential Loss (Fire) Policy
Contractor's All Risk Insurance Policy
Contractor's Plant & Machinery Insurance
Deterioration Of Stocks Insurance Policy
Employers Liability Insurance
Erection All Risks Insurance Policy
Fire Policy 'C'
Industrial All Risk Insurance Policy
Liability Insurance Policy ( Under Public Liability Insurance Act 1991)
Loss Of Profits (Machinery) Insurance Policy (TurnOver Basis)
Machinery Insurance Policy
Machinery Loss Of Profit Insurance Policy (Out-Put Basis)
Oil and Energy Risks Insurance
Package Policy (Mega Risk)
Product Liability Policy
Public Liability Policy (Industrial Risk)
Public Liability Policy (Non Industrial Risk)
Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy (Material Damage)
Oriental Insurance Policies for Motor Vehicle -- Private / Commercial (http://www.orientalinsurance.nic.in/products.asp#aaa)

Commercial Vehicle - Goods Carrying Act Liability
Commercial Vehicle - "B" Policy (Misc.)
Commercial Vehicle - Goods Carrying 'B' Policy
Commercial Vehicle - Passenger Carrying Act Liability
Commercial Vehicle - Passenger Carrying 'B' Policy
Long Term Act Only
Motor Cycle Package Policy
Motor Cycle Policy - Act Liability
Motor Trade "B" Policy
Motor Trade Internal Risk Policy
Private Car Package Policy
Private Car Policy - Act Liability
Oriental Insurance Policies for Agriculture / Sericulture / Poultry (http://www.orientalinsurance.nic.in/products.asp#aaa)

Animal Driven Cart / Tanga Insurance
Apple Insurance (Input) Policy
Aquaculture (Shrimp/Prawn) Insurance Policy
Beetlevine Insurance (Input Policy)
Coconut Palm Insurance Policy
Failed Well Insurance
Floriculture Insurance Package Policy
Honey Bee Insurance Scheme
Hut Insurance
Inland Fresh Water Fish (Embankments) Insurance
Insurance of Biogas Plant (Gobargas)
Khalihan Insurance Package Policy
Kissan Package Insurance
Oil Palm Plantation Insurance Policy
Package Insurance for Tribals
Plantation/HortiCulture (Input) Policy
Policy for Insurance of Fish in ponds (Fresh Water)
Policy for Kisan Agricultural Pumpset Insurance Scheme
Poultry Insurance
Rose Plantation Insurance
Sericulture (Silkworm) Insurance
Tea Crop Insurance
Tea Plantation Insurance
Oriental Insurance Policies for Animals / Birds (http://www.orientalinsurance.nic.in/products.asp#aaa)

Blood Stock Insurance
Calf/Heifers Rearing Insurance Scheme
Camel Insurance
Cattle Insurance
Dog Insurance
Duck Insurance Scheme
Elephant Insurance
EMU Birds Insurance Policy
Foetus (Unborn Calf) Insurance Scheme
Horse/Yak/Mule/Pony/Donkey Insurance
Pig Insurance
Rabbit Insurance
Sheep & Goat Insurance Policy

16th February 2009, 03:30 AM
Oriental Insurance Policies for Aviation (http://www.orientalinsurance.nic.in/products.asp#aaa)

Aircraft Hull and Spares All Risks Aviation Liability Insurance (Airlines)
Aircraft Hull/Liability Insurance Policy
Aircraft Spares Insurance Policy
Aviation Fuelling/Refuelling Liability Insurance Policy
Aviation Group Loss of Licence Insurance
Aviation Personnel Accident (Crew Members)
Hull War and Allied Perils Insurance (Airlines) Policy
Loss of License Insurance
Oriental Insurance Policies for Marine (http://www.orientalinsurance.nic.in/products.asp#aaa)